Mini Lubes

Hobbyists and modelers know that successfully lubing micro projects and mini tools requires the right lubrication. Use our beeswax bars for removing fuzz from ship rigging and for lubing saw blades. Wahl clipper oil and Neolube are ideal for railroading projects. Please contact our experienced product service technicians at 1-908-464-1094 if you have any questions regarding the right lube for your next miniature project. All of our lubrication products are quality tested and backed by Micro-Mark's no-hassle guarantee.


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Item # 83340

Oil-less synthetic fluid formulated especially for use with #83338 MicroFlo Coolant System. Also recommended for our Band Saw Cooling System....

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Item # 83181
Neolube is a water-thin graphite/alcohol solution that brushes on metal surfaces smoothly and levels perfectly without streaking. When the alcohol...
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Item # 82035

Hundreds of model railroaders have reported that electrical contact between wheels and rail is greatly improved and trains run smoother after...

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Item # 80587

Use beeswax for eliminating the fuzz on ship model rigging thread. Also used to lubricate rotary cutting bits and jeweler's saw blades when...

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Item # 60882
Just a little honing lubricant on the whetstone helps clean away shavings and gives you the sharpest edge. 1/2 oz. dispenser bottle.
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