Magnetic Pickup and Mirror Set

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Magnetic Pickup and Mirror Set

Magnetic Pickup and Mirror Set
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Pickup Tool and Mirror Set Locates and Retrieves Hard-to-Reach Objects

'Aw, shucks! It fell under the machine.' No problem. Use these mirrors and magnetic pick-up tools to locate and retrieve that dropped bolt or other object. The large 2 inch x 3-1/2 inch mirror gives you the wide field of vision you need to locate or inspect items not easily viewed. Strong magnets exert a force up to 8 pounds to lift items from inaccessible places. Rubber-gripped handles telescope up to 25 inches, and double-jointed connectors help you reach or see around corners. Includes two handles, three interchangeable magnets and large mirror, plus a smaller, 1-1/4 inch dia. mirror for tight spaces. Note: Magnets pick up iron-laden materials only, such as steel or cast iron.

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