Micro-Mark Scenery and Ballast Cement (16 fl. oz.)

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Micro-Mark Scenery and Ballast Cement (16 fl. oz.)

Micro-Mark Scenery and Ballast Cement (16 fl. oz.)
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Ready-to-Use Scenery Cement Holds Securely, Stays Flexible, Deadens Noise

The perfect static grass adhesive! Add ballast, turf and grass to your layout or diorama, then apply our ready-to-use Scenery Cement straight from the bottle to hold it in place. The included dispenser cap makes application easy and fast. Dries invisible, but remains flexible. Latex ingredients hold securely, but deaden track noise . . . especially important for hearing your sound-equipped locomotives. For static grass application, spread a thin coat beforehand with a brush. Water-based for easy cleanup.
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