MicroLux Sword Saw

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MicroLux Sword Saw

MicroLux Sword Saw
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MicroLux palm-size miniature power tools are ideal for model building, dollhouse miniatures and other smaller-than-life projects. They're versatile, dependable and powerful enough for the most demanding modeling jobs.

Note: All tools run on 12v DC and must be operated from a transformer (sold separately below). Our variable speed transformers employ POWER BOOST, a special feedback circuitry that automatically boosts the power to the tool when it is under load so that the speed remains constant. Our transformers plug into standard 110v AC household outlet.

Sword Saw Works like a lightweight, miniature version of your electric-powered kitchen carving knife. Twin blades slide back-and-forth next to each other at 2,000 strokes per minute. You can hold it like a pencil and cut the most intricate patterns in balsa, basswood and other soft materials up to 3/8 inch thick; pine up to 3/16 inch thick. Includes 1 pair of blades.

Specifications: weight, 6.4 oz.; length, 6-3/4 inches; speed 100 to 2,000 strokes/min; motor, 12v DC, 2.5 amp. Use with variable speed transformer #84317 only.
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