Mini Vise, 3/4 Inch Capacity

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Mini Vise, 3/4 Inch Capacity

Mini Vise, 3/4 Inch Capacity
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Mini Vise Holds Odd Shaped Parts Delicately, Yet Securely

This mini vise is ideal for holding small, odd-shaped parts while drilling, filing, painting, carving, sanding, grinding, etc. Non-mar plastic pins mounted in holes on the top of vise jaws can be placed in 12 different locations to conform to the shape of your part. Or remove pins and use as a conventional vise. Hold vise in your hand or place on drill press table for drilling. Smooth faced aluminum jaws are 1-3/4 inches wide x 1/2 inch deep and open to 3/4 inch. Features steel guide pins and knurled tightening screw.

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