O Scale Coupler Shims (Pkg. of 60)

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O Scale Coupler Shims (Pkg. of 60)

O Scale Coupler Shims (Pkg. of 60)
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Laser Cut Coupler Shims -- A Real Time Saver

For reliable model train operation, all of your coupler boxes must be shimmed to the height specified by the NMRA. Making your own shims out of bits and pieces of wood, metal, paper or plastic can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, so we've done the work for you. Our Laser-Cut Coupler Shims are made of .025 inch thick insulation-grade compressed paper and are an exact fit for popular makes of scale coupler pockets, including Kadee, McHenry, Intermountain and Weaver. They're easy to install and can be trimmed to fit tight locations. Package of 60.

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