Pen Size Mini Torch

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Pen Size Mini Torch

Pen Size Mini Torch
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Pen Size Mini Torch for Delicate Soldering

You'll appreciate the precise control this mini torch gives you for delicate soldering jobs. Beautifully made of plated brass and steel with adjustable flame size and temperature control. Includes a soldering attachment that converts your torch to a cordless soldering iron in seconds. Simply slide torch head off and slide iron head on. Flame burning inside soldering tip acts similar to a catalytic converter, giving you a tip temperature up to 750 degrees F. Maximum temperature when used as a torch is 2,300 degrees F. Burns up to 1 hour as a torch, 2 hours as a soldering iron. Comes with pointed soldering tip for electrical and electronic soldering. 8-1/4 inches long with 3/4 inch dia. barrel. Fills easily from standard cigarette lighter butane fuel canister (our #60909, sold separately).
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