Plank Bending Tool

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Plank Bending Tool

Plank Bending Tool
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For Ship Models, Dollhouses, Dioramas

This well designed tool will bend wood strips without special fixtures, hot irons or soaking in water. One jaw is ground to a triangular edge, the other is flat. When you place a strip of wood between the jaws and squeeze the handles, the triangular jaw crimps a V shape into the back side. Since the other jaw is flat, the opposite side of the strip stays smooth. And since there's a slight gap between the jaws, you get the right amount of compression automatically. The curve you get depends on how far apart you put the crimps. It's the quickest and easiest way we know of to bend ship model planking. Can also be used for dollhouses, dioramas and anytime you need a curved strip of wood, soft plastic or cardboard. Handles stock from 1/32 inch to 3/32 inch thick x 3/4 inch wide x any length.
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