Polly Scale Mahogany Wash Acrylic Paint

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Polly Scale Mahogany Wash Acrylic Paint

Polly Scale Mahogany Wash Acrylic Paint
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POLLY Scale . . . the Water Reducible Acrylic Hobby Wash from Floquil

POLLY Scale brushes and sprays better than any other acrylic wash we've tested. It has no foul odor, dries fast, cleans up quickly and easily with water, and won't clog airbrush nozzles during use. It adheres extremely well to almost any material, including wood, plastic, brass, aluminum, steel, leather, casting resin, pewter, lead, glass, textiles, porcelain and paper. For most materials, primers are not necessary. POLLY Scale colors are non-toxic. 1 oz. bottle.

To use, apply wash to surface detail, covering the entire surface. Let dry for 15 minutes. Remove excess from raised areas with a damp cloth or paint brush to highlight raised detail and add shadow in the recesses. To apply more selectively, thin wash with Universal Acrylic Thinner (#83826, sold separately) and apply with a fine tip brush to areas where shadows are needed. Remove excess, or blend in with Acrylic Thinner. Washes are fully cured in 24 hours. When completely dry, seal with clear coat (sold separately, see below).

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