Prodigy-Advance Wireless DCC System

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Prodigy-Advance Wireless DCC System

Prodigy-Advance Wireless DCC System
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Prodigy-Advance2...A Fully-Functional, Affordable Wireless DCC System That's Easy To Use

If you've put off the change to Digital Command Control (DCC) because you thought it was too complicated or expensive, then MRC's Prodigy-Advance2 is the system for you. Prodigy-Advance2 is simple enough for the first-time user to quickly master, yet has sophisticated functionality that will impress the experienced model railroader. User-friendly features include:

  • Plug and play capability with quick start instructions right on the back of the handheld cab

  • 2- or 4-digit locomotive addressing...9,999 addresses available

  • Runs up to 99 different locomotives on one continuous track

  • Easy-to-set CV values control momentum, speed, lights and sound

  • 14-28-128 speed steps for smooth performance

  • Programs decoders on main or program tracks

  • Fast clock with adjustable ratios

  • Controls up to 28 accessory functions

  • Advanced consisting of multiple locomotives

  • Compatible with NMRA compliant decoders

  • Large liquid crystal display

Prodigy-Advance2 Wireless System includes: base control unit with built-in receiver, full-function wireless handheld cab with rechargeable battery, power supply and cables.

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