Remote Controlled Hoot Helicopter, Red

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Remote Controlled Hoot Helicopter, Red

Remote Controlled Hoot Helicopter, Red
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  • Remote Controlled Hoot Helicopter, Red
  • Remote Controlled Hoot Helicopter, Red
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'Hoot' Helicopters Are Just Plane Fun

Ready-to-Fly 'Hoot' helicopters include everything you need (except six AA batteries) to start flying. The on-board lithium cell quickly recharges from the included infra-red controller or your computer/charger USB port and provides up to 10 minutes of fly time. You can run the copter along a surface or in the air . . . right-side-up or inverted. You steer it right/left/forward/back/up/down. Rugged design with counter-rotating blades provide maximum lift and stability. Up to 3 copters may be flown in the same room without controller interference. Copter is 8 inches long; blade circle is 8 inch diameter. For indoor use only.

Ready-to-fly 'Hoot' Helicopter features:

  • Metal frame and very durable design

  • 2.4 GHz infrared control with range up to 40 feet

  • Includes 3.7V rechargeable LiPo battery

  • Re-charge using included transmitter or USB port on your computer (cable included)

  • 3-way frequency mode switch - allows three pilots to fly at the same time

  • On/Off switch for nose light

  • Full charge indicator on transmitter

  • Blades for inverted flight

  • Electronic control switch for easy inverted flight

  • Run it inverted along a ceiling or land it and run it like a car on a smooth surface

  • Transmitter requires 6 AA batteries (not included)

  • Length: 8 inches

  • Rotor diameter: 8 inches

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