Rotape Compass (3-1/2 Inch to 6 Feet Capacity)

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Rotape Compass (3-1/2 Inch to 6 Feet Capacity)

Rotape Compass (3-1/2 Inch to 6 Feet Capacity)
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The Rotape Compass...A Measuring Tape that Draws Large Circles Instantly

Using the Rotape is fast, easy and accurate: Simply place the compass point on center, pull the tape out to the desired radius (between 3-1/2 inches and 6 feet), and draw your circle. Rotape marks paper, wood, cork, drywall, metal, fabric, concrete, plastic and more. And a special gauge is molded into the bottom of the pocket-size tape housing so you can also mark lines parallel to an edge. End the cumbersome set up of compass points, trammels, string-lines, etc. needed to draw large circles...order your Rotape today!

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