Sanding Block, 1 Inch

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Sanding Block, 1 Inch

Sanding Block, 1 Inch
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Good Quality Sanding Block that is Easy to Use

Our sanding block is a lot better than the ones you've seen in hobby shops (the ones with the little wood wedges that are supposed to hold the sand paper in place, but keep falling out!). Ours is easy and comfortable to use...with a milled no-slip finger groove in the sides and a sure lock clamp that keeps sandpaper taut and securely in place. And because the clamp is in the back, you can use both sides before changing sandpaper. Block also has a thin rubber pad glued to the working surface to prevent gouging. Well made in the USA of sanded hardwood. 1 inch wide x 8 inches long x 1-3/4 inches thick.

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