Super Leverage Metal Shear (Set of 2)

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Super Leverage Metal Shear (Set of 2)

Super Leverage Metal Shear (Set of 2)
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Starting at $17.65
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Super Leverage Metal Shear Cuts Steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum

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The unique design cuts like a male/female punch and die, not like a scissor. That's why it's the only tool we know of for under $100.00 that will cut sheet steel up to 18 gauge (.0478 inch). It will also cut thicker, softer metals (aluminum and brass up to .065 inch) with a lot less effort. Spacing between the hardened steel jaws can be adjusted to accommodate wear and different thicknesses of metal. Made entirely of steel with vinyl grip handles. 10 inches long overall.

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