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Tamiya Remote Control Toyota Tundra High Lift 4x4 Truck Kit - 1/10 Scale

Tamiya Remote Control Toyota Tundra High Lift 4x4 Truck Kit - 1/10 Scale
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In February, 2007, after a full model change, Toyota released the Tundra. It was the first time in Toyota's history that an 'All American-Made' full-size pickup truck was sold. This model shows off the Tundra's modern looks along with its great ability to take on any terrain with its excellent drive system. This incredibly accurately model replicates the Double Cab Tundra and includes optional parts which allow the user to raise the body in the same manner as the actual truck.


  • Durable ladder frame chassis with steel channels and resin crossmembers for high strength

  • Mid-mounted 3-speed transmission allows gear changing and realistic low speed driving while providing a lower center of gravity

  • Propeller shafts and slipper clutch efficiently transfer power to all wheels on any type of terrain

  • Powered by a type 540 motor

  • Full-time 4WD guarantees road hugging performance

  • The differential can be locked in place to enable improved performance on any surface

  • The newly designed chrome plated wheels with bead lock rings precisely capture the essence of the real truck

  • Includes 2 snow boards and roof racks to enhance the look of the completed model

Tamiya #58415

Speed Control and Radio System not included. We Recommend #85623 TEU-302BK Electronic Speed Control and #85621 EXPEC GT-I 2.4 GHz 3-Channel RC Radio System. 7.2V Battery not included.

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