Wet / Dry Utility Sharpener

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Wet / Dry Utility Sharpener

Wet / Dry Utility Sharpener
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  • Wet / Dry Utility Sharpener
  • Wet / Dry Utility Sharpener
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Water-Cooled Grinder Puts the Finest Edges on Knives and Other Cutting Tools

The grinding wheel of our Utility Sharpener spins at a slow 170 rpm through a water bath which washes away ground particles and prevents the destructive overheating of steel cutting tool edges by keeping them cool. Twin tool rests and reversible motor accommodate a wide range of grinding angles. Rubber feet maximize stability and reduce vibration, making this the quietest and smoothest running grinder we've seen. Runs on 120vAC. Wheel size: 5-1/2 inch dia. x 1-1/2 inches wide. 120 grit.

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