Trigger Action Reversible Bar Clamp, package of 10

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Our Price $34.95
Our Price $34.95

You Can't Have too Many Clamps!

Ideal size for model building and other miniature projects. Converts in seconds to a spreader by relocating the fixed jaw to the opposite end of the bar. Capacity: clamp 0 to 4 inches; spread 3 inches to 7-1/2 inches. Made of steel and engineering polymer, with removable, serrated, no-mar pads. Package of 10 clamps.

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Trigger Action Reversible Bar Clamp, Package Of 10

Trigger Clamps - Well worth the money.

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I bought 20 of these clamps. They are FANTASTIC. The quality is superior in every way. I'm gluing 3 - 1 mm thick bamboo strips to make Bucky Ball models - soccer balls. The net is glued flat. When I bring the 20 open points together to form the ball, I need something that will hold the pieces together while under the pressure of the curve that is formed. I use 16-gauge wire nails to pin the pieces while drying. With these clamps, I don't have to worry about anything. Since the nail is the center of the connection, I removed one of the no-mar pads and drilled a #54 hole in the stationary end-piece. Some of my balls have 6 bamboo pieces stacked - pinned with a wire nail for gluing. These clamps will hold the pieces together while the glue dries. The finished piece has aluminum rivets that I make. 60 per ball. I'm 71. I enjoy working with my hands. These clamps let me do the kind of work of which I am proud.