Plastic Modeler's Chisel, 4mm Wide

Item #: 80893
Our Price $21.95
Our Price $21.95

Modeler's Chisel Removes Plastic Details You Don't Want

Upgrade plastic models by removing unsightly, out-of-scale molded-in details sometimes included by manufacturers. The hand-ground 4 mm wide cutting edge easily removes unwanted details and the sturdy, non-slip handle gives you precise control over cutting force. Made exclusively for Micro-Mark of polished, surgical-quality stainless steel, this chisel is also useful for mini woodworking projects. Approx. 6-1/2” long.

Note: If desired, the outer edges of the chisel may be rounded slightly with fine sandpaper or a honing stone to prevent gouging of surfaces in surrounding areas.

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Great tool for removing detail.

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This chisel has MASS! It is therefore easy to drive into plastic details. You still have to remove a little at at time, but the control is much better than an X-ACTO chisel blade (which is way too wide anyway). It is possible to get right down to the base surface with practice. You can gouge with the edges but practice and being careful will minimize that. Only drawback is the heavily knurled handle which irritates a spot on my middle finger. A small piece of duct tape at that position fixes that. Really like this tool.




This is a Specialty Tool that EVERYONE who builds scale Models will want! It’s looks are deceiving- as someone would think the same function could be done using a good old Hobby Knife- NO ONE ELSE MAKES THIS TOOL!! So I took a leap of faith & got one...The Precision & efficiently Is INCREDIBLE! What makes it worth its weight in GOLD.. is what it [ DOESN'T DO] Gouge or scrape a accidental chunk-divot- or scratch to your part! It’s saved me countless hours of Unnecessary Bench time by only doing the task intended... Ck out my IG wall under same Name Handle for a LIVE DEMO..