5-piece Fujiya Hand Tool Set

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List Price $120.00
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List Price $120.00
Our Price $104.95

Superior Quality Hand Tools from Fujiya of Japan

Our strong relationship with Fujiya has allowed us to offer a selection of top-quality tools you won't find anywhere else in the United States. This special 5-tool set includes one each of the following:

#87609 13-degree Super-Sharp Sprue Cutter Surgically clean slicing action glides through sprues with virtually zero stress, leaving the cleanest parts we've ever seen. Use for plastic sprues ONLY up to 3/16" diameter. Overall length: 5-1/4"; jaws are 3/8" long.

#87626 25-degree Sprue Cutter Originally designed for superior plastic sprue cutting, we have also found this amazing tool to be the best soft wire cutter on the market, making the quickest, cleanest cuts in common soft 30 gauge to 14 gauge wire (.010" to .064", or 1/16") with ease. Overall length: 5"; jaws are 3/8" long.

#88618 Fujiya Super-Long-Nose Straight Pliers with Cutter Slim, pencil-thin, black powder treated tips are thin and long enough to reach almost anywhere. Blackened finish reduces glare. Tips reach 2"; 6" long overall. Includes internal soft wire cutter with smooth jaws and spring return.

#88619 Fujiya Super-Long-Nose Angled-Tip Pliers with Cutter same features as above, but with 3/4" tips angled at 45˚.

#88620 Fujiya Short-Handle Adjustable Wrench Anyone who has encountered the problem of not having enough room to maneuver a wrench will find this little gem invaluable! This must-have tool packs a wide, full-size 1-1/8" jaw capacity into only 4-1/4" of space, making it exceptionally useful in tight quarters. And, the long, narrow jaws work similarly to a deep-well socket for even greater utility. One of the most important features of this wrench is the special jaw profile, designed to prevent the "rounding-off" of bolt and nut corners we all dread. Raised projections on the movable jaw hold bolts and nuts on their flat sides instead of their corners, providing excellent torque without damage. (Use the image zoom feature and see image 2 for details.) Wrench also includes an engraved metric scale and indicator for bolt/nut head size and a rubberized handle coating for sure grip.

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