500g Copper Metal Composite HTPLA 3D Printer Filament, 1.75 mm

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List Price $59.00
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Terracotta or cast copper? Brush, polish, or patina and enjoy! 

Introducing Copper Composite HTPLA. Prints like plastic, but finishes like real metal for beautiful, durable parts from most standard 3D printers. So many finishing possibilities, but here are some ideas to get you started (see sample Protognomes in product photos): 

  • Heat treat your HTPLA print to survive harsher environments like the hot sun or a warm polishing wheel (more details below) 
  • Wire Brush to expose metal for future oxidation or a bright, satin finish 
  • Rock tumble with steel shot for darker, but smooth, shiny look 
  • Paint part (black for example) to fill recesses with a contrasting color 
  • Polish with a rotary tool, cotton buff, and polishing compound for a bright, mirror finish on high spots (darkens low spots) 
  • Polish with paper for a clean, smooth, and bright finish with less darkening 
  • Patina (oxidize) exposed metal naturally or accelerate with a 50/50 vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mixture saturated with salt. 
  • Place in sealed plastic bag to retain moisture. Heat further accelerates reaction. Try these techniques separately or combine!
Change the order or try something new. If you discover a new technique, make something beautiful, or discover something unexpected, share it! When you've got that perfect, WOW finish, consider preserving it with a clear coat or brush applicable water-based, food-safe, and dishwasher safe coating like Modge Podge.

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