5Pro Studio Gadget "Inspector Gadget" MEGAHERO Series Figure

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88093214793265Pro Studio™
Our Price $89.95
Our Price $89.95

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5Pro Studio™ Gadget "Inspector Gadget" MEGAHERO Series Figure

This wonderful action figure which recreates Gadget and his amazing special abilities from the famous animation brings back the heroes of your childhood who linger in your memory. Inspector Gadget's special abilities are expertly recreated with several interchangeable parts. Multiple high-tech gadgets protrude from his outstretched fingertips and extending arms and legs. Inspector Gadget has a body full of amazingly interesting tools but always solves every case whimsically!

  • 2 Replaceable faces

  • 3 Replaceable hats

  • 3 Replaceable eyes

  • 7 Replaceable hands

  • 1 Gadget 'Brella

  • 1 Gadget 'Copter

  • 2 Gadget skates

  • 2 Gadget springs

  • 4 Gadget arms

  • 1 Gadget neck

  • 2 Gadget mechanical arms

  • 1 Flashlight

  • 1 Detective badge

  • 1 Magnifying glass

  • 1 Diorama base

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