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Acrylicos Vallejo German Colors 1927 - 1941 Paint Set

Item #: 29061
List Price $29.95
Our Price $24.95
List Price $29.95
Our Price $24.95

Model Airbrush Set German Colors - 1927 - 1941, Vallejo 71.205

Water-based Acrylicos Vallejo Camouflage Airbrush colors paint is formulated especially for airbrushing straight from the bottle . . . no thinning or special mixing is required. Made with finely-ground pigments and airbrush-perfect viscosity, it goes on smoothly and covers well, even with just a thin coat. Tiny surface details won't be obliterated, and the resulting matte finish is durable and waterproof. Non-toxic and odor-free, airbrushes clean up easily by rinsing with water. Sets include eight 17 ml (approx half-ounce) squeeze bottles with dropper-style tips for easy dispensing. See below for set contents.

Earth WhiteCamouflage Medium BrownCamouflage Dark GreenBlue Grey
Panzer Dark GreyDark Brown RLM61IvoryGerman Grey

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