Acrylicos Vallejo Military Colors Model Paint Set, with Case and Brushes, 72 Colors

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List Price $299.95
Our Price $209.95
List Price $299.95
Our Price $209.95

Water-based Acrylicos Vallejo Model Air paint is formulated especially for airbrushing straight from the bottle . . . no thinning or special mixing is required. Made with finely-ground pigments and airbrush-perfect viscosity, Model Air goes on smoothly and covers well, even with just a thin coat. Tiny surface details won't be obliterated, and the resulting matte finish is durable and waterproof. Non-toxic and odor-free, airbrushes clean up easily by rinsing with water. 

Set includes seventy-two 17 ml (approx. half-ounce) squeeze bottles with removable dropper-style tips that allow brush dipping or drop-by-drop dispensing, 3 Toray paint brushes and handy storage/carrying case. See below for set contents (also includes 2 mediums).

BrassGerman OrangeLuftwaffe Uniform WWIIIraquian Sand
German Camouflage Beige WWIIGerman Camouflage Black BrownLuftwaffe Camouflage GreenGerman Camouflage Ocre Orange
German Camouflage Pale BrownGerman Fieldgrey WWIIGerman Camouflage Bright GreenPale Sand
Sunny SkintoneDark SandGunmetal GreyOily Steel
Grey GreenDark Blue GreyDark Sea GreenLeather Brown
Chocolate BrownUS Field DrabTan EarthBeige Brown
Brown SandOld GoldKhaki GreySilvergrey
Stone GreyGreen GreyBrown VioletOlive Grey
US Olive DrabReflective GreenIntermediate GreenYellow Olive
US Dark GreenCamouflage Olive GreenCamouflage Extra Dark GreenBronze Green
Dark Sea BlueDark Prussian BlueIntermediate BlueDark Blue Grey
Pale Grey BlueTan YellowSand YellowGerman Uniform
English UniformUniform GreenJapan UniformRussian Uniform WWII
RedSaddle BrownBlackWhite
Field BlueMilitary GreenBuffDesert Yellow
Dark YellowGerman Camouflage Dark GreenBlack GreenFlat Earth
Flat BrownHull RedDeck TanMarron Khaki
Sky GreyDark Sea GreenNeutral GreyGerman Grey

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Styrene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to:

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