Afinibot Prusa i3 DIY 3D Printer Kit

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List Price $499.99
Our Price $319.95
List Price $499.99
Our Price $319.95

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  • Delivers superior quality 3D models

  • Touch button LCD screen

  • Easy to use and produce for ultimate working experience

  • 210 x 210 mm heated bed (adjustable temperature to 110 degrees °C)

  • Sturdy metal crafted extruder

  • Print preview enables you to cast prototypes before final production

What's Included:

  • Unassembled 3D printer

  • Required assembly tools

  • Assembly instructions on a SD Card

  • Repetier-Host 3D Printing/Slicing software

Components & Specifications:

  • Frame: threaded rod (parts and components)

  • Structure: acrylic sheet

  • XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.012 mm

  • Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.004 mm

  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (standard configuration)

  • Nozzle temperature: 170 degrees °C - 275 degrees °C

  • Platform temperature: 110 degress °C (adjustable)

  • Platform material: Aluminum plate

  • Printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS, and many more.

  • Software language: English

  • File format: STL,G-code

  • Power supply included: Input 110/220V +-15%, Output 12VDC 20A

  • OS: XP, WIN7, MAC

  • Host computer software: Repetier-Host

  • Environmental requirement; Temp: -5 to 40 degrees °C

  • Environmental requirement; Humidity: 20 - 70%

Key InformationType A Series 1 Pro ($3,995)ZMorph 2.0 SX Full Set ($3,890)Afinia H800 ($1,899)MakerGear M2 ($1,799)Dremel Digilab 3D45 ($1,799)Ditto Pro+ ($1,599)Dremel Idea Builder ($1,299)Flux Delta + ($1,199)Afinia H400 ($599)Afinibot i3 Prusa KIT ($319)
Build Volume30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm25.5 x 23.5 x 16.5 cm25.4 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm25.4 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm10 x 6 x 6.7 cm21.5 x 16 x 22 cm25.5 x 15.5 x 17 cm6.6 x 8.2 x 6.6 cm11.9 x 11.9 x 11.9 cm20 x 20 x 18 cm
Min Layer Height50-300 microns 50-400 microns 100 microns20-300 microns50-300 microns50-300 microns100 microns50-300 microns 150-350 microns100 microns
Nozzle Diameter0.
Max Printing Speed100 mm/s150 mm/s90mm/s200 mm/s150 mm/s120 mm/s150 mm/s200 mm/s90mm/s120mm/s
Heated BedYes (75-120°C)Yes (50-120°C)Yes (50-90°C)Yes (90-110°C+)Yes (90-100°C+)NoNoNoYes (70°C)Yes ( <110°C)
MaterialsPrints in over 80 different materials.ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Flexibles, Wood, Metals, and more.ABS, PLA, PETg, Flexible, etcABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Flexibles, Wood, Metals, and more.Dremel filament only - PLA, Eco ABS, NylonPLA OnlyDremel PLA Only (warranty)ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Flexibles, Wood, Metals, and more.ABS, PLAABS, PLA, HIPS
Hot-End Max Temp 300°C (572°F)255°C (500°F)260°C (500°F)300°C (572°F)280°C (536°F)>215°C (419°F)230°C (446°F)260°C (500°F)260°C (500°F)275°C (527°F)
XY Accuracy (mm)0.006570.0140.050.0010.006570.0090.
Z Accuracy (mm)0.006250.00060.10.00250.006250.00250.1 0.150.004
FormatPlug & PlayPlug & PlayPlug & PlayPlug & PlayPlug & PlayPlug & PlayPlug & PlaySTL Plug & PlayUnassembled Kit
Open SourceYes Yes NoYes NoYesNoYesNoYes

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