Alto Tower Kit, HO Scale, by Scientific

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Our Price $89.95

Alto Tower by Scientific Models

Includes all the parts needed to build Alto Tower either of the two ways shown!

Located west on 17th St. on the north side of the Pennsylvania Railroad's mainline in Altoona, PA, Alto tower still stands. Built in 1880, this tower has seen traffic through both world wars. Since the late nineteenth century, rail traffic on the Pennsylvania Railroad has been regulated by either mechanical or lighted signals arranged in blocks along the right of way. The signals were manually controlled by signal operators, who were assigned to traffic towers, located along the right of way, usually adjacent to track crossovers or junctions of spur lines to a main line. The operators communicated with each other via telegraph, and with train crews via the signals or written messages, called train orders, which were delivered to passing trains. Additional towers were often located at the entrance or exit of major yard facilities. Due to the development of electronic communications in modern time, railroads have been consolidating signal operations at facilities with automated controls. The only remaining active main line tower in Altoona is the Alto Tower. Servicing PRR, Penn Central, Conrail, and now Norfolk and Southern, trains pass its former glory on a daily basis. Comprised of laser-cut wood with resin and plastic components, our HO scale Alto Tower Kit offers two options for construction: Late 20th Century and Early 20th Century. Many aspects of this structure are meticulously measured and photographed to bring you the closest to authentic as possible.

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