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Close Out! $710.95
Close Out! $710.95

The Iconic Ford "Tri-Motor"Aircraft - Fully Assembled

Many model fans, or those just entering the modeling market, want to display models like these, but are unable to do so because of the time and skill it takes to build one, or the cost of buying a pre-assembled one. Micro-Mark offers a solution to those model fans by delivering partially-assembled decorative models to your door at a very reasonable price as compared to scratch-built models.

The Ford Trimotor and Junkers JU-52 were pioneering aircraft that led to generations of Transport Aircraft and inspired companies such as Boeing and Douglas to create larger, faster modern aircraft that we are all familiar with today. Relegated now to museums and the occasional air show, the Ford Trimotor has made its mark in history.

* Minimal assembly (attachment of wings detached for shipping) required.

This model is partially assembled, hand made and hand finished with corrugated aluminum sheeting over a wooden frame. No Markings, apply your own decals and insignias.


  • 40 inch wingspan

  • Dimensions: L 26.4 x W 40.2 x H 7.9 inch

  • Silver Color

  • Rubber Tires

  • Hangs from ceiling, sits on wheels or mounts on stand for display

  • Stand Included

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