Bronzed 3-Minute Sandglass Timer

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List Price $23.95
Close Out! $14.95

The Sandglass was a key instrument in a Dutchman’s Log which was a method of estimating the speed of a boat.

The process required tossing a floating object like a piece of wood and calculations are made based on the time that elapses to pass the ship. The Sandglass was a critical instrument to measure the speed.

At first, the markings were simply knots in the line. After time, sailors worked knotted cords into the log-line. The terminology evolved into the nautical mile. The Sandglass became a key instrument on ships of the day. Micro-Mark offers a replica of the sandglass instrument used to count knots on ships for hundreds of years.

The bronzed and glass hourglass is 3.7” tall and weighs .4 lbs. The Bronzed 3 Minute Sandglass arrives in a decorative box ideal for gifting.

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