Copper Plating Kit For Die Cast And Steel

Item #: 83248
Our Price $59.95
Our Price $59.95

Copper Plating Kit Also Makes It Easy to Solder or Plate Die Cast Parts

Solder doesn't stick well to Zamac*, so hobbyists have been struggling for years with an assortment of adhesives, pins, screws and other things to attach brass detail parts to their die cast models. Micro-Mark has the solution to this problem: In just a few seconds, our Copper Plating Kit applies a thin layer of copper to the surface of the die cast part so detail parts can be easily attached with solder. The plating is easy to apply and very thin, so paint covers easily. Kit works the same as our other plating kits (item numbers 83082 - 83034), except has special alkaline chemistry which inhibits the corrosion of die cast or pot metal parts. Includes 16 oz. of copper plating solution, transformer, clip leads, plating wand and instructions.

*Zinc Aluminum Metal Alloy Casting made in a pressurized die.

Note: We recommend the use of a resistance soldering set (item numbers 80417A, 81560A, 80462A, 81561A) to supply the heat required to solder to heavy die cast parts.

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