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Cosplay Airbrush Starter Set

Item #: 89094
List Price $159.85
Online Price $119.95
List Price $159.85
Online Price $119.95

Everything you need to start airbrushing like a pro!

Perfect for costume applications, this special package includes the MicroLux® Double Action Airbrush Set, MicroLux® Portable Air Compressor, and Pressure Regulator / Gauge / Moisture Trap. See details for each package component below:

MicroLux® Double Action Airbrush Set . . . Craftsman-Quality for Professional Finishes

This double-action, internal mix airbrush includes a down-and-back rocking trigger that controls both air and paint flow. So, you don't have to stop spraying to make pressure and/or nozzle adjustments. It's ideal for the blending and fading techniques used to create camouflage, weathering, hot rod designs and other special effects. You can create intricately detailed artwork, fades, gradients and other special effects, or lay down super-smooth solid-color paint jobs and ultra-fine lines. And this one even converts to single-action, air-only control by simply turning a trigger set screw. It's the most versatile airbrush you can own. Complete set includes double action airbrush, two 22 cc (3/4 ounce) glass jars, metal jar adapter with pickup tube, one metal color cup, 5' vinyl air hose, hang-up hook, nozzle/hose wrench, protective metal nozzle cap, and fitted storage case. Airbrush fitting: M5x0.5 male. Hose fittings: M5x0.5 female to M5x0.5 female. Includes adapter: M5x0.5 male to 1/4 inch NPT female.

MicroLux® Portable Air Compressor

Compact in size and weighing just under 8 lbs., this smooth-running, nicely-built compressor goes where you need it. Auto start/stop means it only runs when you press the trigger on your airbrush, and oil-less, maintenance-free, piston-type construction provides smooth operation with low noise. Motor: 1/5 hp., 120VAC. 6' cord; body-mounted on/off switch. Includes carry handle, sound-deadening suction cup feet and 1/8" BPS adaptor. Outlet fitting: 1/4" NPT male; mates with 1/4" NPT female and 1/4" BSP female fittings. Overall size: 10" x 5-5/16" x 6-11/16". Air output: 0.7 to 0.8 cfm. Delivers 20 to 30 psi. Covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty (from date of purchase).

Compressor-Mounted Regulator Controls Air Pressure, Removes Moisture

Pressure regulator lets you control the air pressure you need for the type and consistency of paint being sprayed. You set the pressure with the top-mounted, locking cap. The easy-to-read gauge is graduated in psi and bar; regulates airflow from 0 to 150 psi (0 to 10 bar) with 5 psi graduations. Built-in moisture trap removes finish-ruining condensation long before it reaches your airbrush . . . even on humid days. Regulator fits most hobby/art air compressors with standard 1/4 inch NPT male outlet fitting. Includes 1/4 inch fitting for attaching air hose to regulator. Spring-loaded valve makes it easy to empty the jar.

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