Decal Finishing System

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Super Buy Price! $23.95
Super Buy Price! $23.95

Decal Finishing System is the "Solution" for Perfect Decaling

Decal application can make or break an otherwise flawless model. Put decals on properly, and they become one with the surface of your model for ultimate realism; put them on wrong, and your model is ruined. Give yourself the professional's advantage with our Decal Finishing System. Made by Microscale Industries, this Micro-Mark Exclusive Set includes one ounce each of: Micro Set, to soften decals and improve adhesion or to remove decals; Micro Sol, to "melt" decal film onto irregular surfaces; plus Micro Flat, Micro Satin and Micro Gloss non-yellowing, water-based top coats for that perfect final finish.

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