Diamond Pro Micropipettor, 20-200uL

Item #: 88842
List Price $216.24
Our Price $189.95
List Price $216.24
Our Price $189.95

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High Accuracy And Precision Guaranteed!

If you have ever over-glued a model kit with a toothpick or glue bottle applicator, this revolutionary new modeling tool will cure that frustration. Whether gluing hard-to-reach areas or the smallest of parts, this Diamond Pro Pipette is the Cadillac of glue applicators. Originally designed for scientific applications, this magnificent precision tool operates on the air displacement principle and uses disposable tips. Draw in only the amount of glue you wish to apply and slowly distribute to your part or seam with the easy-to-use control dial and plunger. Pipette works with all consistency of CA glues. Take your modeling to the next level with this ultimate gluing control system.

Diamond Pro Micropipettes are designed with super-soft thermo plastic elastomer grips that minimize fatigue of hands and fingers. The unique padding not only reduces thumb stress, but also minimizes the transfer of body heat to the pipette, resulting in consistent accuracy. Two-step plunger operation allows you to use both forward and reverse pipetting techniques. Comes with a certificate of calibration, a recalibration tool kit and a full one year manufacturer's warranty.

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