Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter

Item #: 88156
Super Buy Price! $5999.00
Super Buy Price! $5999.00

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Hex Box air assist and cooling system included. BOFA Filtration system sold separately.

Technical Specifications:

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Engraving Area: 18.4”x12”(467mm x 304.8mm)

  • Cutting Area: 20”x12”(508mm x 304.8mm)

  • Max Engraving Height: 1.25”(32mm)

  • Max Cutting Height: ¼” Wood and Acrylic (6mm)

  • Machine Dimensions: 32”x20”x8.25”(812.5mm x 508mm x 209.55mm)

  • Laser Weight: 70lbs (31.75kg)

  • Shipping Weight: 100lbs (45kg)

Laser Tube:

  • Laser Type: Sealed CO2 Laser Tube

  • Laser Power: 40w

  • Laser Classification: IEC 60825-1 Class 3R

  • Beam Size: 6.5mm @ 1.2m

  • Working Current: 20mA

  • Wavelength 10.6 micrometers

Electrical Requirements:

  • LC40 input rating: 120V, 60Hz, 5Amps


  • Driving System: Nema Stepper Motor

  • Cooling Mode: Forced Air Heat Exchanger with Recirculating Water

  • Gantry System: Linear Ball Bearing, Shaft Y-Axis, Rail Guideway X-Axis

  • Standard Equipment:

    • Z-Axis: Manual Laser Head Focus

    • Focal Lens: 2”

    • Integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

    • Hex Box Integrated Cooling and Air Assist System

    • Red Dot Pointer: Integrated Beam Combiner

    • Integrated Exhaust System

    • Wide Angle, High-Def Camera

    • Honeycomb Aluminum Plate for Ventilation

    • Warranty: 12 Months

    • Included Kit Components Offer Complete Solution For Laser

    Computer Requirements:

    • On Board Full Color Touchscreen

    • Mac and PC Compatible

    • Works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE

    • Recommended Screen Size: 11”

    • Min Screen Resolution: 1024x768 Pixels

    • Ability to Connect Through Network

    • (Ethernet or WiFi) without Internet Connection

    Operating Environment:

    • Recommended Environmental Temperature: 60-85F (16-29C)

    • Level Workspace

    • Dry Workspace Environment

    Hardware Dimensions:

    Laser Cutter: 

    • Height: 7-7/8"

    • Width: 32-1/3"

    • Depth: 20-3/8"

    Hex Box:

    • Height: 5"

    • Width: 9-1/2"

    • Depth: 7"

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