EinScan-Pro PLUS Handheld 3D Scanner with R2 software

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List Price $6249.00
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This multi-functional 3D scanner can be used in handheld modes, or with a tripod and turntable for automatic scanning. Using safe, white light LED scanning, the EinScan-Pro Plus rapidly captures and delivers watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-watertight data for reverse engineering applications. With its ergonomic design, and weighing only 1.75 lbs (0.8 kg), the multi-functional 3D scanner is portable and fit for any duration of handheld scan. An optional external camera is also offered to enable full-color 3D scanning. The EinScan-Pro+ builds on the consistently excellent scanning quality of the EinScan-Pro. Although similar in appearance to the EinScan-Pro, it is full of new innovations:

Scanning is not only better, but faster
The range of single-frame scanning has been enlarged 1.6 times. • Enhanced handheld HD scanning mode. By implementing and using an intensive line-scanning strategy, the original 7 data-capture lines have been increased to 100 lines. • The scanning speed under the handheld HD mode has been increased to 550,000 points/second. • Registration and tracking capabilities have been drastically improved to make scanning easier and more dependable.

EinScan 2.0 Software
The major highlights of the EinScan software v2.0 include an improved user experience, enhanced user-friendliness of the software interface, one-click data upload to the “Sketchfab” platform, and a streamlined process to share scanned 3D data directly over the Internet. EinScan v2.0 also includes multiple new and upgraded functions.

Four Scan Options
Choose the scan mode that best suits your needs. The EinScan-Pro+ offers Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Free Scan, or Automatic Scan. • Handheld Rapid Scan for portable, rapid scanning • Handheld HD Scan for capturing objects with high accuracy (50 microns) • Automatic Scan for completing a 360-degree scan in just 1.5 minutes • Free Scan for scanning larger objects

Tripod/Turntable set #87465 and *Camera Color Pack #87466 sold separately. 

*The EinScan-Pro PLUS Color Add-on is a color camera attachment exclusively for the EinScan-Pro PLUS 3D scanner, which allows for full color-texture capture of scanned objects.

During the scanning process, it’s important that a) the model remains motionless, b) we keep the optimal scanning distance and c) we scan with a smooth, steady and continuous motion. It takes about 20 minutes to scan an entire human body.


Scan ModeHandheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid ScanAuto ScanFree Scan
Accuracy0.1mm0.3mmSingle Scan Accuracy: 0.05mm-
Scan speed550,000 points/second450,000 points/secondSingle scan: <2s-
Point distance0.2mm-3mm0.7mm-3mm0.24mm-
Single scan range10 - 4,000mm150 - 4,000mm30 - 150mm50 - 4,000mm
Light sourceWhite light LEDWhite light LEDWhite light LEDWhite light LED
Part size range (recommended)10 - 4,000mm150 - 4,000mm30 - 150mm50 - 4,000mm
Align modeMarkersFeature, MarkersMarkers, Feature, Turntable, Manual, Turntable Coded TargetsMarkers, Feature, Manual align
Texture ScanNoYes*Yes*Yes*
Outdoor operationNoNoNoNo
Special scan objectFor transparent, reflective, and dark objects, please spray object with powder first before scanning.   
Printable data outputYesYesYesYes
Scan head weight1.75 lbs (0.8kg)1.75 lbs (0.8kg)1.75 lbs (0.8kg)1.75 lbs (0.8kg)
System supportWin7, Win8, Win10, 64bitWin7, Win8, Win10, 64bitWin7, Win8, Win10, 64bitWin7, Win8, Win10, 64bit
Display cardNVIDIA GTX660 or higher, Display memory: >2G, Processor: I5 or higher, Memory storage: 16G or more  

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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