Fujiya Electrician's Plier with Straight Handles

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List Price $44.95
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Fujiya "Kuorkin" (Black Gold) Premium Quality Hand Tools are the Pinnacle of Innovation

#89634 Fujiya Electrician's Plier with Straight Handles
Professional quality 8-1/2" long electrician's and mechanic's plier by Fujiya is beautifully crafted and well-balanced in the hand. Angled channels guide stranded and solid core wire into super-sharp cutting edges that easily remove wire coatings from 10 to 22-gauge on one side and .3 to 5.5 mm on the other. 3" long serrated nose reaches into narrow openings to retrieve wires, and concave, serrated jaw tips are ideal for grasping bolt heads. Two integral screw cutters (M4 .125" and M3 .094") cut-off screws that are too long for the job, and two built-in crimpers put the finishing touch on wire connectors. Tool is designed for use with copper and tin-coated copper wires only.

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