Encore Alcohol Palette - SKT Light w/Adjusters

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List Price $79.00
Our Price $74.95

Encore alcohol based palettes provide unparalleled makeup performance and an innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

Encore Alcohol Palettes provide durability, high pigmentation, and a wide selection of colors. Palettes come with makeup that is activated with a cosmetic grade 91-99% alcohol making the makeup water and transfer proof. The makeup doesn’t crack or lump, it goes on smooth and sets dry without any stickiness. Encore is cruelty, gluten, paraben, mica, and silicon free.

Encore FX Alcohol Activated Palettes come with 10 colors and a proprietary case with a built-in magnetic platform, allowing for personalized color selection and a convenient restocking of individual ready to go refills.

Encore Alcohol Activated Palettes feature an innovative magnetic case. The magnetic platform allows makeup artists to rearrange and replace individual colors easily based on their project or job, a breakthrough design in the special effects makeup industry. Each refill is dry and ready to use allowing artists to stock up on popular colors or quickly restock a color when needed. Additionally, each color pan consists of a lower profile border allowing an easy entry when using wider brushes and sponges.

The EBA Encore Light skin tone palette with adjusters consist of one lightest neutral skin shade (N1), five light skin tones and four adjusters. The five light skin tones consist of two cool (C-RED) and three warm (W-YELLOW/OLIVE) shades and are easily blend-able to achieve neutral shades or any other desired light skin tones. The four adjusters consist of coral, teal blue, olive tone and rose. These adjusters can be used as color correctors or even as concealers when used as a tattoo cover up (tattoo, sunburn, scar, veins, and skin pigmentation). The Nude 1 shade is the lightest neutral shade with neutral tone and can be also used as an adjuster or concealer. All six Encore SKT light tones blend easily with other shades and adjusters to achieve neutral shades or other variations of skin tones.

Palette Contains 1 each of:

  • N1

  • W1

  • C1

  • W2

  • C2

  • W3

  • Olive

  • Teal Blue

  • Rose

  • Coral

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