ErgoKiwi Plastic 2.0 Knife

Item #: 88885
Our Price $24.95
Our Price $24.95

Take your basic hobby knife handle and completely re-imagine it, making it safer, more comfortable and easier to use, and you have the ErgoKiwi! Today the Plastic Kiwi is made from injected molded Polycarbonate, making it virtually invincible. Any areas vulnerable to abrasion have been reinforced with metal parts to ensure longevity. A magnet was designed to hold together all of the necessary mechanics and even lets you store your Kiwi in unconventional places. The organic shape of ErgoKiwi's handle allows you to hold it in a more natural way, keeping the index finger joint straight so you can work more comfortably for longer periods of time. Features include reversible grip for difficult cuts, durable stainless steel assembly and magnetic blade holder. Holds any #2 blade. Includes canvas storage bag.

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