ErgoKiwi Plywood Knife

Item #: 88716
Our Price $74.95
Our Price $74.95

This item has been discontinued, you may be interested in **ErgoKiwi Plastic Knife instead.

Take your basic hobby knife handle and completely re-imagine it, making it safer, more comfortable and easier to use. Then, craft it by hand of beautiful, exotic materials right here in the USA and what have you got? The ErgoKiwi! The organic shape of ErgoKiwi's handle allows you to hold it in a more natural way, keeping the index finger joint straight so you can work more comfortably for longer periods of time. Features include reversible grip for difficult cuts, durable stainless steel assembly and magnetic blade holder. Holds any #2 blade. Includes canvas storage bag.

ErgoKiwi Plywood Knife Made from aircraft-grade Finnish Birch plywood, this beautiful tool is comprised of more than 60 interlocking layers for maximum durability.

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