Eyejusters Magnifying Glasses, Tortoise

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List Price $95.00
Our Price $89.95
List Price $95.00
Our Price $89.95

These Unique, Adjustable-focus Magnifying Glasses are the Only Pair You'll Ever Need!

Introducing Eyejusters . . . the most versatile magnifying glasses you've ever seen! With an adjustable strength range of +.50 to +4.00 Diopter, Eyejusters enable the user to go from painting, assembling, detailing and repairing models and countless other projects to reading, reviewing reference materials and plans, working on a computer, or even fixing plumbing under the sink! A simple turn of the hidden eyeDials changes magnification instantly. Gone is the need to constantly switch between different pairs of glasses . . . the odd, sometimes stressful tilting of your head required with progressive lenses . . . or fussing with clunky clip-on magnifiers.

Classically styled Eyejusters are made in England using the same high-quality materials as opticians' frames, and feature comfortable nose pads with wing spring hinges that are built to last. Front lenses and ingenious sliding lenses are protected by a durable anti-scratch coating. Each pair includes magnetic-closing felt-lined hard case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

Note: Eyejusters may be worn with contact lenses. Eyejusters are not designed to correct distance vision and cannot correct astigmatism. Not recommended for driving.

Eyejusters features include:

Clear, constant focus across the field of view, and at adjustable distances.

High-quality, hand-made optical grade nylon frames.

Lenses protected by anti-scratch coating.

1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Lens power: 1.125x to 2.0x

Range of focal length: +.5 Diopter to +4.0 Diopter; provides a focal length from 78.7" to 7.87"

Overall size: 5-1/4" wide x 1-1/4" high x 5-1/2" long.

One size fits most.

Light weight: only 1.13 oz

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