Guns Of History - Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun, 1:24 Scale

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Guns of History
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List Price $68.74
Our Price $57.95

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Guns Of History Naval Smoothbore Deck Gun 1:24 Scale

by Guns Of History


The 18th century naval smoothbore deck cannon was a flat trajectory weapon with a point blank range of 300 yards. It used any of the period projectiles: solid shot, hot shot, bombs, grape and canister. Standard ammunition was occasionally supplemented by whatever scrap materials that were on hand, including bolts, chains, nails, even pieces of kettles.

The gun was mounted on a wooden carriage made of elm, which was both splinter resistant when hit by opposing gunfire and stout enough to withstand the shock of the recoiling gun. Various tackles enabled the gun crew to position the weapon. With unpredictable seas tossing both target and gun, accurate gunnery at a distance required an expert gunner, a well trained gun crew and a bit of luck. As a result, evenly matched ships tended to sail alongside each other and blast away until the more battered one struck her colors and surrendered.

Guns Of History Kit No. MS4005

Model length 8-1/4" / width 5-1/4" / height 3" / Scale 1:24

Difficulty Level: Entry Level

  • Historically accurate and perfectly scaled cannon

  • Cleanly cast Britannia metal components

  • Authentically detailed

  • Realistic spoked wooden wheels

  • Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours
  • WARNING: Cancer / Reproductive Harm -

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