HO Truck Spreading Pliers

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List Price $27.95
Our Price $24.95

The Long-Awaited Truck Spreading Plier is Here!

Manufactured to precise tolerances, these hand-ground, individually produced pliers are designed to slip between opposite ends of the wheel axle and backside of truck journal boxes when the jaws are nearly closed. A special compression spring offers just the right amount of resistance when you squeeze the plier, gently spreading the truck journals apart and causing the wheel set to effortlessly slip from the truck. Re-installation of the wheel set is just as easy. Great for use with our Truck Tuner, (#82838, available separately). For HO standard gauge trucks only. Patent Pending.

Installation of a wheel set it just as easy. Simply insert one axle tip into the back of a truck journal box and slip the pliers tip between the opposite ends of the axle. Spread the pliers open just enough to maneuver the opposite axle point into position. Release the pliers to seat the axle point. Works from either end of the cars or from the topside when the car is inverted into our soft touch cradles (80784 or 86612) sold separately.

Micro Mark Tip: Extremely helpful with use of our Truck Tuner # 82838 in cleaning and re-finishing the interior of truck journals.

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I recommend this truck spreader tool.

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I'm new to HO trains as of October 2019 and my first step was purchasing a work bench with the most crucial tools I needed to build rolling stock kits.
<br>I really didn't know the importance of removing the plastic wheels and replacing them with metal wheels, on the rolling stock. I fortunately have a model train shop close to where I live, with extremely knowledgeable employees who told me about this. Before I purchased this tool, I found that taking off and replacing wheels by hand was extremely difficult for me.
<br>When I first saw this tool on Micro-Mark's website, sometime in October or November of 2019, I knew it would be an extremely useful tool for taking off the plastic wheels and adding the metal wheels to the rolling stock trucks. After I purchased this tool, it has been a very useful and important tool for me. I highly recommend this tool for anyone with model trains.