Old Modern Handicrafts, Handmade Vintage Telephone Coin Bank, Pre-built Model

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New Item! $83.95
New Item! $83.95

Dial up the past from this vintage display telephone, exquisitely made with realism and superb detail. Handcrafted in metal and painted in gold and black, it rings with retro charm. It also features a functional piggy bank with the coin slot located on the back of the phone. Money can be retrieved through the bottom by removing the rubber plug. An ideal gift for friends, colleagues, teachers, and the elderly. Note: Not a real phone, this metal piggy bank phone is for decorative use only. Dimensions are 8.5 x 5 x 7 inches.

Note: This item ships direct from California to contiguous 48 states only.
One of the greatest innovations in communication technology to date is the telephone. Although Alexander Graham Bell is commonly credited for its invention, the telephone was in fact patented by both Bell and Elisha Gray on Valentine's Day of 1876. To this day, it remains disputed who was first.

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