High Temperature Polycarbonate-ABS Alloy Filament 500g, 1.75mm

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Our Price $34.99
Our Price $34.99

High performance material for high performance hardware.

High Temperature Polycarbonate-ABS Alloy Filament is an incredibly tough material designed for strong, resilient parts. Properties are excellent and greatly improved over standard ABS.
Heated bed and all-metal hotend recommended!

Processing is more challenging. For best results, a heated bed is required to control warpage and improve layer adhesion. Cross-sectional area should be minimized.

Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 (3) mm diameters, black or natural color 500g is on a 8" diameter spool

PC-ABS is moisture sensitive. Even when stored in a bag with desiccant, drying in an oven for ~ 1hr at 85C-95C may be required for bubble free high strength prints. In our experience, good results are achieved when printing small parts at 270-290C on a heated bed at 110C up to 140C. For larger prints with good layer adhesion and minimal distortion, an enclosure is ideal.

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