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The Home Machinist’s Handbook by Doug Briney

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Super Buy Price! $21.00
Super Buy Price! $21.00

A Complete DIY Guide to Machine Work…with Projects!

Doug Briney’s book is a complete guide for the amateur machinist. This handbook has been written and illustrated by Doug Briney, a Sherline customer who has more than 20 years experience as a home machinist. Doug has also proven to be an excellent author with the ability to convert complex technical data into accurate information and methods understandable to the first-time machinist.

7-3/4″ x 9-1/4″, softbound, black and white, 285 pages.

The information provided in this handbook will help expand the use of your machinery and show you how to tackle complex projects. Here is a list of the chapters included:

  • Chapter 1 – Reading Prints

  • Chapter 2 – Measurements

  • Chapter 3 – Hand Tools

  • Chapter 4 – Bench Tools

  • Chapter 5 – The Lathe

  • Chapter 6 – Lathe Operation

  • Chapter 7 – Milling Machine

  • Chapter 8 – Milling Machine Operation

  • Chapter 9 – Material Selection

  • Chapter 10 – Heat Treating and finishing

  • Chapter 11 – Projects

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