IPEVO 4K Pro Ultra HD Video Station

Item #: 90534
New Item! $149.00
New Item! $149.00

The World's first document camera with Artificial Intelligence-based voice enhancement, suitable for telework, remote learning, in-class use, and hybrid set-ups. Perfect for time-lapse project videos, and self recordings. Ultra HD video (up to 30 fps at 3264 x 2448p) ensures detailed and clear display of the presented materials. The built-in LED light helps out when the room is too dark. Together with the multi-jointed arm, it allows you to get the shot that you need, with the maximum capturing area of 13.46” x 10.04”.
V4K PRO is plug & play and compatible with Mac, Windows, or Chromebooks with a USB Type-A port. Works with video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other software that uses a computer camera.

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