JTT Scenery Products Autumn Tree Grove 3-3 1/2" High, 6 Pcs

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List Price $64.95
Our Price $50.95
List Price $64.95
Our Price $50.95

JTT Scenery Products Autumn Tree Grove 3-3 1/2" High 6 Pcs

Imagine the sight of thousands of leaves, with all the colors of the sun and blue skies as the backdrop on your layout... Our Autumn Tree Grove can give you exactly that! Each kit contains six (6) trees with the most realistic natural colors and life-like textures available.

JTT Scenery Products utilize an extraordinary hand-made, twisted wire technique, that results in scenery that is stunning in it's realism. Crafted for the discerning modeler, these bushes, trees, flowering plants, etc. are as authentic as the real thing!

"Scale artistry at its finest"

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