JOOLTOOL™ Sharpening System

Item #: 87338
Our Price $399.95
Our Price $399.95

Special Micro-Mark Edition Jooltool includes: • Jooltool base unit • Five see-through backpads • One 3M Bumpon* cushion • 3M purple ceramic 80, 120, and 220 grit abrasive disks (for grinding sharp corners, hand-filing work, sharpening) • 3M Trizact 20 and 5 micro grade abrasive disks (for finer sanding work, honing tools, glass and metal work) • Adjustable tool rest for angled chisel and drill bit sharpening • Jooltool instructional DVD by Anie.

*3M Bumpon polyurethane material provides a smoother grind and more refined polish when used with any finer grade abrasive – such as Trizact or Diamond. Mounted between the backpad and the abrasive disk, Bumpon cushions and minimizes vibration. Ideal for working on rounded or domed objects and flat surfaces alike.

Check out this Knife Sharpening Video done with JoolTool!

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