Knife Blade Sharpener

Item #: 81619
Our Price $25.95
Our Price $25.95

Now Your Knife Blades Will Last Twenty Times Longer

Patented saddle holds the blade at the exact sharpening angle for a razor-sharp edge in less than 10 seconds. Pays for itself many times over. Arkansas whetstone sharpening block provides premium sharpening ability at reasonable cost. For use with knife handles no. 1, 2, 5, 6, and Soft Grip. Sharpens nos. 11, 16, 2, and 24 blades. Color may vary.

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Works very well - it's nice to have sharp blades again!

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Does a nice job of honing the edge. It is also very clever!


Works well


The design is slightly different from what is shown in the image, but it works.<br>Comes with two saddles for different sized handles. However, the instructions do not indicate how to switch them.<br>___________________________________________________<br><br>You simply pull it up and off the swivel plate. This disengages the half round projection of the underside of the saddle from the swivel plate groove below. To install the optional swivel plate simply press fit the projection into the groove and installation is complete. Just make sure you not the orientation of the saddle prior to removal.