Lionel™ Chesapeake & Ohio Legacy 4-12-2 #560 Locomotive, O Scale

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Lionel™ Chesapeake & Ohio Legacy 4-12-2 #560 Locomotive, O Scale

Because anything with ten wheels or less is boring… we bring you the Union Pacific's 2-12-4, a locomotive so uniquely UP the wheel arrangement bears its name. Developed in 1926 by the Union Pacific and Alco to help conquer the mountainous grades at higher speeds, these large locomotives were anything but the drag-freight brutes of similar large locomotives. Typically operated at speeds of 50 mph with 120 car trains, the 9000's were capable of faster speeds. Enginemen reported that with their long wheelbase the ride got more comfortable as speeds got higher. Although not assigned to passenger service, tenders were equipped with steam lines for such use. The 9000s used a rare 3 cylinder design, with the third piston located in the center of the locomotive below the smokebox. The extra power afforded by the design was somewhat offset however by increased maintenance costs and difficulty. But the locomotives served the UP well for several decades until even larger locomotives took their place.

Lionel's version of the Union Pacific comes complete with "Gresley valve gear" for the third piston and 6 chuff/revolution sounds. Whistle steam and Bluetooth are also included. In addition to a variety of prototype paint schemes, we've also added a few fantasy roads as well. What if that 3rd cylinder concept caught on? It's pretty easy to imagine these beasts racing coal through Ohio on the C&O or tackling the other grades of the west north and south of Sherman Hill. How will you put them to work on your railroad?

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go

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