Liquid PSA, 4 oz. Applicator Bottle

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List Price $25.00
Our Price $17.95

Liquid PSA* Eliminates the Glue Drips, Runs and Smears That Ruin Model Surfaces

The Best Glue for Windows!

Liquid PSA eliminates the drips and smears that occur when you assemble models with intricate trim, window glazing and signs. Just apply a thin coat to the surface to be joined. It will quickly dry and turn clear, but remains tacky. Then, simply press together. Since the glue is dry, nothing oozes out to ruin the finish of an otherwise perfect model. Parts go together quickly and are repositionable. Washes off with water until dry. 4 oz. in applicator-style bottle.

*Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Liquid PSA is a real winner...especially to builders who suffer putting in window glass. I used it to apply glass (acetate) to a building front, and it worked great! I applied a thin coat with a brush and rinsed out the brush with water. The glass went in easily and stayed put. I even forgot a couple of pieces and went back 5 hours later - those pieces stuck in place just like they are supposed to do. I also had a truck bed model that needed a floor of individual wood boards. Liquid PSA worked nicely for that also.

Bob D., Eagle, PA

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