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New Item! $93.95
New Item! $93.95

Mankind took another giant step forward with the help of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, popularly known as the Moon buggy. This battery-powered buggy was used on the last three missions of the American Apollo program to extend the lunar area accessible for human exploration. At 9.5 x 5.5 x 5 inches, our miniature model is made purely out of metal, with intricate designs that highlight the seats, wheels, satellite dish, and body. Space enthusiasts, students, and educators will be over the moon to receive this special item as a gift.

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Designing the Lunar Roving Vehicle was an adventure in itself. The vehicle first had to be folded so as to fit within the pie-shaped interior of the lunar lander. It was then set up with the help of springs upon arrival and manually driven over perilous terrain. Low gravity, extreme surface temperatures, and steep slopes were all factors that the vehicle contended with and ultimately triumphed over.

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